How to Grow Your Business in 14 Steps.....

STEP 1Be at all your meetings… No matter where I went before the meeting my main goal in my business and personal life was to make sure I was there at that meeting with my guests. You fill up the meeting by what you do when the meeting is not going on. 

STEP 2. Before the meeting starts… I am given a slip of paper or a text message as to how many guests will be there from my business partner.

STEP 3. When are we friends? The meeting after the meeting is when I am going to talk to you. When all the blue tags have left (the guests), then I am your friend and we can talk. During the meeting I act like I do not even see you or know you.

STEP 4. The real purpose of nametags? The reason we have name tags is that when I call your guests names during the closing session I am building rapport and friendship. It’s a strategy. They usually do not remember having the name tags.

STEP 5. 95% of this business is mental. Become the Authority. If I suggest something and you do it, I am the authority. If you follow me once, you’ll follow me twice and you’ll follow me for the third time.

STEP 6. Control the negative guests85% of the communication is body language, it’s not verbal. While watching people from the behind and knowing the body language, I already know who’s negative and who’s positive. Sometimes the most negative person will turn into a positive if you manage them correctly.

STEP 7. Identify the negative person. The negative person I ignore because the negativity wants attention. The reason a person is going to turn into a positive person is because he wants attention. He knows the only way to get it is to give positive vibes. At some point the negative person turns to be positive after being ignored for all this time. The second time a negative person gives strong positive feedback, is when I am going to engage him.

STEP 8. Identify very quickly who the leader is in the groupThe leader is a person I want to speak first. I am starting with the person who is going to give me positive vibes. If you understand people, you can get them to do anything.

STEP 9. Build RapportIf you can remember the person’s name, you are 50 % there. I ask the questions on which I will get “yes” as an answer. People want social verification and social acceptance. They want to know someone who has done it before.

STEP 10. Lead the people and build your business. lead the people. They think they make the decisions but in reality I have already made all the decisions for them which will help them to join and grow their own business.

STEP 11. The CLOSEWhile filling in the application, I never ask for a person’s credit card number, it is an invasion of personal space, and a person will pull back. I also do not want people to feel like they are making a purchase and spending their money. They are not. They are joining a business and founding their own company.

STEP 12. This is not a product purchaseI do not make it feel like it is a purchase, I do not make it feel like a sign up; I am leading them and all they are thinking about is the money they will earn ecause this is in reality their own business.

STEP 13. Reinforce your businessYou always need to reinforce people’s decisions. I show people exactly how it is going to work. After the deal is closed, people need to get recognition, and those who did not sign up, will do it because they want people to applaud for them as well since their lack of signup will not yield an applause.

STEP 14IMPORTANT TO REMEMBERThis business is a mental game of psychology and creating a conducive environment for people to feel good about the decision they are making will build your business.

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